Crystal Tears of the Fractured Moon

Ellas Fate

What happens when Ellisandra tells a tale

Players: Ella , Luthian Pimsley, Ellisandra Carvington

We all spent ~50 shins to get arden (maned lizard thing – mine is a purebreed and extra pretty) and take it for a ride to the north!. Into my home country of Navarene. Well… That was the plan anyways. I forgot to get new shoes before we left town and so we stopped and my manservant (Pimsley for those of you wondering) was just about to ride back and get them for me (we were only about a day out) when we saw these light things off in the distance. We left Scrub and Saoirse – archer lady – whatever. Anyways we left them with the arden to go see what the lights were about. We must have followed them for AGES and just when I was about to turn back because my feet were hurting in my old, icky boots, when Ms. Smells of Cheese starts running. Well we couldn’t just LEAVE her (who would make my food edible!?!) so Pimsley and I take off and then. Suddenly. Covered in mud. Naturally, I screamed.

Apparently the little light things were trying to trap and kill us (and then eat us? ew I’m covered in mud!) because they started throwing sparks at us (mostly Ella) but Luthien did a clever thing with a thing and we got out (with no mud!) until they did a weird ground shaky thing and I WAS COVERED IN MUD AGAIN! We managed to kill them (no thanks to all the exploding tree branches) and slept HORRIBLY since most of the bedding was back with the arden.

The next morning Ella and I found a stream to wash up in before heading back to the others and… well… there was a tentacle monster? It tried to eat us but I punched through the roof of its mouth into the brain. Then it puked up a bunch of nasty bile stuff (which stung my hands and FURTHER ruined my boots) and Ella wasn’t quick enough to get out of the way and just got COVERED in gross, smelly, monster puke. I brought her back to shore EVEN with my burned hands but it was too late. I will think about her EVERY day when I have to eat something icky and she didn’t even know that I sacrificed the last of my dignity (and boots) for her.

Anyways we buried her and then went back to the others and told them the tragic news but had no choice really but to carry onwards. We were going to the Amber Monolith because that is where my family had a whole complex of really great houses and if there was anyone loyal to my family they would be there. We did a quick boat ride and upgraded our arden and then this weird “Surrey” person came and told us that there were people looking for us “conveniently” right before some soldiers showed up. Well Surrey disguised us (WAY better than Scrub had been) and told the guards that we had been working in the caravan for awhile. I don’t trust it though because THERE WERE WANTED POSTERS WITH OUR NAMES ON THEM. Granted mine was worth WAY more than the rest of yours (as it should be) but still! Luthien seems to be getting cosy with Surrey but the only reason I’m sticking around is because I got new pretty boots out of it.

Now that we are on Navarine soil I wanted to go speak with the little people and reclaim my throne but I guess it might not be safe right now since Surrey, WHO IS FROM ELDINA, knows so much about the conflicts that are going on…



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