Crystal Tears of the Fractured Moon


A Boat A Plant and a Monastery

Party: Ella, Luthian Pimsley, Saoirse,Ellisandra Carvington,, Scrub

After reading and copying the books and Trenna decides that this is a matter for the order of truth and the Amber Pope and sends copies of each item and the all those with direct knowledge on a boat trip to QI.

During the voyage the crew starts to die one by one and while the party eventually defeats he creature eating the brains of the crew they do manage to offend the ships captain greatly in the process.

While the waiting for events Lucian arranges for a conversation with Brother Molot of The Order of Thought to see what he can tell them of Ellas faith.

Ella starts dreaming of the empty farm lands just outside of QI and begs the party to travel with her to these lands, and cannot explain why.

Traveling to these lands they find an old monestary on top of a hill and after defeating some Steel Spiders find a way to turn back on the water, sadly Luthian Pimsley and Saoirse were nearly killed by the rushing waters returning to the land.



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