Crystal Tears of the Fractured Moon


Loss of trust

Ella,Luthian Pimsley,Saoirse,Ellisandra Carvington
After seeing a story of Love and Hope called “3 Men and a Statue” the party departs from Mulen, while Scrub declares it is best if he travels alone everyone agrees to meet in Dynafel.

House Trenna talks to Luthian and explains that the group has proven more expensive than expected and the original plan of simply letting them travel to discover what is up will not work. Instead if House Trenna is to continue funding them they need to do certain activities for the house.

The first request is to solve the issue of what is disrupting trade into Mulen. Traveling along the route the party stops in the city or Mor Lon where they find out the towns protector / guardian Alphgon Petron was killed by the Wolfgren, the same creature blamed for the issues with trade. Saoirse claimed to know the person and was very distraught over his death. Ella noticed a strange tattoo on Alphgon’s right shoulder that matched a necklace that Saoirse carries around with her.

After a horrific battle the creature was defeated, however the players noted that it was a wolf whose 80% of its body was replaced by something that behaved and looked identical to what was in Luthian’s body.

After defeating the Wolfgen the party trailed Alphgon Petron’s path back to his cabin. In the cabin a journal was found by Saoirse, and the rest of the party only saw that it had both the symbol of Eldina (Empire of the old world hunting the party) and the symbol carried by Saoirse on its cover.



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