Ellisandra Carvington

Spoiled princess lost in time




Youngest Daughter of the Youngest son of Grand Duke Carvington Lord of the South of Kingdom of Naverene.
Of the 5 major Nobel families serving the King of Navarene yours was perhaps the richest and most powerful. Having Control over the cities of Bodov, Shallama, Keford, Jaston and Kordech and recently even Auspar fell under your families control. Your family controlled trade and gaurded the kingdom from the upstart nations of Draolis, The Sea Kindgom of Ghan and Thaemor. For the last 200 years your family has been steadily expanding claiming lands that once belonged to other kingdoms.
Not only were you your fathers favorite but your Grandfathers as well, needless to say you were very very spoiled.
The year was 1848 and you were preparing to celebrate (the equivalent of a sweet 16 party) in the grand city of Aupar when you and your family stopped for the night in small town outside of Auspar called Garentar as your Grandfather had some very pressing business to take care of. You over hear that young Niles Milford the son of one of the kings guard was honor the family, drink the Exiler Suspera and serve the family. You had never heard of such a drink but your Grandfather explained that they could only produce one every hundred years from the great machine and there would not be any for you to drink. A peasant getting a drink you didn’t how dare he, you will show them that night you snuck out and entered the room seeing that the Exiler Supera was complete you reached up and drank it before anyone could stop you. The world begins to fade angry voices more and more distant, your father and grandfather yelling shaking you yelling at others then the world goes black.

One of the secrets of your house was this process it turned normal people into superman the bad news is the process of conversion takes around 150 years. Your character will wake up in game when you arrive and have to adjust to a world that is far different from the one you remember.

Ellisandra Carvington

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