Huntress Ranger looking for her past


Saoirse is a Rugged Glaive who Carries a Quiver.


What the party knows about her:

Saoirse doesn’t discuss her past or her quest very much, but everywhere they visit, she appears to be searching for someone or something.

She is much more at home in the woods, surrounded by nature, with solid ground under her feet and the sky overhead. A natural hunter, she is able to handle herself in nature quite well, from tracking to swimming to building a fire to fashioning a comfortable bed. She seems more contented when she’s outside than stuck indoors, though she is always alert and watching. Like many hunters, she gets restless when she has to stay in one place for too long. This may be related to her ongoing quest for …something.

In appearance, she dresses in sturdy practical clothing, leather and canvas, comfortable and sound for various weathers and temperatures. Her long brown hair is worn in a sensible braid, no make-up or jewelry save a metal necklace with an unusual symbol that she often tucks out of sight beneath her clothes. She is never far from her bow and quiver of arrows, and keeps a small but strong crossbow secured to her belt. She also carries a dagger that has been seen once or twice, but otherwise stays hidden most of the time. She is not overly pretty, but has a simple natural beauty, and prefers not to draw attention to herself. Having medium brown hair, medium brown eyes, average height and weight means that she can blend in easily. She does walk straight and proud though, as if she has some inner strength that has yet to fully reveal itself.

In personality, Saoirse is strong-willed, stubborn, and direct to the point of bluntness. She is at times fearless, if a little foolhardy, and is often restless and impatient, especially in situations where diplomacy and well-bred manners reign. She is uncomfortable when there is a need to be formal, and would much prefer to either remain silent in the background, or when pushed to it, impatiently shoulder her way out of the situation – literally or figuratively. She doesn’t seem like she was exposed to a lot in the way of “culture” in her youth, music, art, dance, the “proper” things to say or do, and so appears awkward and out of place in these kinds of situations. She is far more comfortable with her weapons than a dress, the woods than an opera house, and leather over satin. She can be talkative and oddly social with her party at times, but other times, quiet and contemplative as if talking is unnecessary.


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