Crystal Tears of the Fractured Moon

The End

someday add details of how it ran,

But thanks for all who played

Ellas Fate
What happens when Ellisandra tells a tale

Players: Ella , Luthian Pimsley, Ellisandra Carvington

We all spent ~50 shins to get arden (maned lizard thing – mine is a purebreed and extra pretty) and take it for a ride to the north!. Into my home country of Navarene. Well… That was the plan anyways. I forgot to get new shoes before we left town and so we stopped and my manservant (Pimsley for those of you wondering) was just about to ride back and get them for me (we were only about a day out) when we saw these light things off in the distance. We left Scrub and Saoirse – archer lady – whatever. Anyways we left them with the arden to go see what the lights were about. We must have followed them for AGES and just when I was about to turn back because my feet were hurting in my old, icky boots, when Ms. Smells of Cheese starts running. Well we couldn’t just LEAVE her (who would make my food edible!?!) so Pimsley and I take off and then. Suddenly. Covered in mud. Naturally, I screamed.

Apparently the little light things were trying to trap and kill us (and then eat us? ew I’m covered in mud!) because they started throwing sparks at us (mostly Ella) but Luthien did a clever thing with a thing and we got out (with no mud!) until they did a weird ground shaky thing and I WAS COVERED IN MUD AGAIN! We managed to kill them (no thanks to all the exploding tree branches) and slept HORRIBLY since most of the bedding was back with the arden.

The next morning Ella and I found a stream to wash up in before heading back to the others and… well… there was a tentacle monster? It tried to eat us but I punched through the roof of its mouth into the brain. Then it puked up a bunch of nasty bile stuff (which stung my hands and FURTHER ruined my boots) and Ella wasn’t quick enough to get out of the way and just got COVERED in gross, smelly, monster puke. I brought her back to shore EVEN with my burned hands but it was too late. I will think about her EVERY day when I have to eat something icky and she didn’t even know that I sacrificed the last of my dignity (and boots) for her.

Anyways we buried her and then went back to the others and told them the tragic news but had no choice really but to carry onwards. We were going to the Amber Monolith because that is where my family had a whole complex of really great houses and if there was anyone loyal to my family they would be there. We did a quick boat ride and upgraded our arden and then this weird “Surrey” person came and told us that there were people looking for us “conveniently” right before some soldiers showed up. Well Surrey disguised us (WAY better than Scrub had been) and told the guards that we had been working in the caravan for awhile. I don’t trust it though because THERE WERE WANTED POSTERS WITH OUR NAMES ON THEM. Granted mine was worth WAY more than the rest of yours (as it should be) but still! Luthien seems to be getting cosy with Surrey but the only reason I’m sticking around is because I got new pretty boots out of it.

Now that we are on Navarine soil I wanted to go speak with the little people and reclaim my throne but I guess it might not be safe right now since Surrey, WHO IS FROM ELDINA, knows so much about the conflicts that are going on…

Journey to Ramon part 1
A flicker of light and jail cell

Players: Ella Luthian Pimsley Saoirse Ellisandra Carvington Scrub

After arriving in Dynafel, the party met back up with Scrub who slowly revealed to the group the message he received in Mulen implicating him in actions against the King and stating he was wanted dead by all sides of the conflict.

Ella took off looking for the Reliquary of Dreams that the followers of The Amber Pope were collecting in the city. Along the way, she became fascinated with the workshop/home of George the jeweler and grouchy but respected craftsman of the city. After he refused to let her into the shop, she went around back and climbed up to peer into the room. George, seeing her, started screaming thief. Hoping to distract him she hit him with Onslaught, nearly killing the jeweler. His screams, and the fact he is known to have many shins of jewelry in his shop, brought out the local Constabulary. Scrub and Ella however were able to convince them that they were not the people that George was calling a thief.

Luthian was informed that Jansen Milton, the factor for House Travan, was killed in Ramon, the capital of The Pytharon Empire. The house asked him to look into this and determine if his family still lived and if so, to arrange for them to leave the Empire. Furthermore, rumors that the Pytharon Empire was about to invade Milave began to spread.

Ella returned to George the jeweler’s shop and continued to knock on the door, once again getting the constable’s attention and with George accusing her on the spot, was arrested and taken to the local jail. The party was told of this by Scrub and eventually decide pay for Ella’s fines and get her out of jail after allowing her to spend the night in prison.

After buying supplies, the party left south on the road to Ramon, the most northern sky ship part. They ran into the Road Guard of the Pytharon Empire about 3 days’ ride into Iscobal. They also took a quick break from the rigors of their journey and enjoyed a 3 hour tour on Bob’s Airships.

Ellisandra Carvington taking the name Lady Bronte, charters from House Banner transportation to Ramon, getting 2 rooms – one for her ladyship and another for her 4 servants who will accompany her on the trip.

Saoirse and Luthian had a heated discussion about the book that she had found in the home of Alphgon Petron, particularly concerning the symbols on the front cover. It would appear that there are secrets on both sides of the tense friendship.

Loss of trust

Ella,Luthian Pimsley,Saoirse,Ellisandra Carvington
After seeing a story of Love and Hope called “3 Men and a Statue” the party departs from Mulen, while Scrub declares it is best if he travels alone everyone agrees to meet in Dynafel.

House Trenna talks to Luthian and explains that the group has proven more expensive than expected and the original plan of simply letting them travel to discover what is up will not work. Instead if House Trenna is to continue funding them they need to do certain activities for the house.

The first request is to solve the issue of what is disrupting trade into Mulen. Traveling along the route the party stops in the city or Mor Lon where they find out the towns protector / guardian Alphgon Petron was killed by the Wolfgren, the same creature blamed for the issues with trade. Saoirse claimed to know the person and was very distraught over his death. Ella noticed a strange tattoo on Alphgon’s right shoulder that matched a necklace that Saoirse carries around with her.

After a horrific battle the creature was defeated, however the players noted that it was a wolf whose 80% of its body was replaced by something that behaved and looked identical to what was in Luthian’s body.

After defeating the Wolfgen the party trailed Alphgon Petron’s path back to his cabin. In the cabin a journal was found by Saoirse, and the rest of the party only saw that it had both the symbol of Eldina (Empire of the old world hunting the party) and the symbol carried by Saoirse on its cover.

10 Days of Changes in QI
Since the last game about 10 days have passed, during this time the party heals up and prepares for their exit from the great city of QI. At first

House Trenna seems very wiling to host your party but that soon changes and 10 days latter they smuggle you out to the city of Mulen in Iscobal.

This change of events may have to deal with the events occurring in the last 10 days.

Day 1, The Old Canals are flowing with water, supposedly it has been 250 years since last this has happened. Rumors start about the farmland and wealth that may occur in the Abandoned farms outside of QI.

Day 2, The farms appear even more fertile than thought possible as life appears to be growing in the old farm, looking like it was planted weeks ago. Rumors start about murders to claim rights to plots of land that suddenly have water.

Day 3 Plants continue to grow looking months old in areas, Rumors continue of murders to claim land, and armed groups going in and claiming areas killing all who oppose them.

Day 4 Counts start coming in from with 10’s if not 100’s of deaths being reported, The Draolis sends soldiers in to the area to try and restore order, they are quickly outmatched by the bandits, the Amber Pope sends troops in and invoking old treaties about the land around QI, claims all the land for the church. Some estimate that 250 people have died in the fighting for land and the Order of Truth claims the old Monastery on top of the hill.

Day 5: The Order of Truth starts hiring people to do harvests and they are tracking down the old owners of land around the monasteries and buying the land, the price while perhaps low is far more money than any of the older owners ever expected to own.

Day 6: Rumors start about a buzzing a drone that only members of the of the Order of Truth can hear. Crops stop growing fast, it appears that they are about 2 weeks from harvest.

Day 7: For the first time in memory a strong wind blows through Key, 100s are hurt as sky crafts and balloons bounce in the wind amazingly no deaths are reported. Those watching notice the barrier around the city seems to disappear for 5 minutes. When it reappears a 2nd dome is noticed around the monastery allowing the air ships to travel across both areas. Rumors are that no member of the Order of Truth can enter the monastery and only a few of the local farmers can enter the building.

Day 8, Stories star of engraving/encriptions appear on each of the four walls of the Monastery. Through the use of Numera the carvings are translated as follows.

1) Aid the poor, the oppressed, and all those in despair and need.

2) The Goddess is and always shall be: other gods may rise and fall, but they can never threaten or erase her being. Long is her gaze, and patience is her grace. Though the way be barred now, yet shall it be opened.

3) Let the glory be known! Everything that is comes from her-embrace and exalt her works and her gifts.

4) Be humble, yet be proud. We are all part of the goddess, so while we are nothing on our own, through her we are all powerful.

Day 9: The party finds themselves completely cut off from any news and they are not allowed to leave or talk to anyone. News travels down that things are tense in the city and it is time to leave however some of your descriptions have started to circulate in QI. It would be best if no one knows you were here or ever left, we are going to smuggle you out on one of our boats.

Day 10: The party finds themselves loaded into the back of wagons filled with merchandise and supplies these are placed on boats and the party spends most of a day in the holds of the ship this is a very short trip and the party finds themselves in Mulen.

A Boat A Plant and a Monastery

Party: Ella, Luthian Pimsley, Saoirse,Ellisandra Carvington,, Scrub

After reading and copying the books and Trenna decides that this is a matter for the order of truth and the Amber Pope and sends copies of each item and the all those with direct knowledge on a boat trip to QI.

During the voyage the crew starts to die one by one and while the party eventually defeats he creature eating the brains of the crew they do manage to offend the ships captain greatly in the process.

While the waiting for events Lucian arranges for a conversation with Brother Molot of The Order of Thought to see what he can tell them of Ellas faith.

Ella starts dreaming of the empty farm lands just outside of QI and begs the party to travel with her to these lands, and cannot explain why.

Traveling to these lands they find an old monestary on top of a hill and after defeating some Steel Spiders find a way to turn back on the water, sadly Luthian Pimsley and Saoirse were nearly killed by the rushing waters returning to the land.

A short trip to Omar
A short Trip that ended up much longer... MUCH LONGER

Players: Ella, Luthian Pimsley, and Ellisandra Carvington,

After arriving in Keford house Trenna is very interested in what the Luthian has to say and is wondering how to profit with Ellisandra and what her arrival may mean.

While trying to sort this out Ella has a vision of traveling to Omar with 2 companions. To stall for time err help out House Trenna will pay for the trip in return for a chance to look at the letters that Ellisandra received from her father. While this is going on Ella is jumped by the locals and finds out a bounty has been placed on Ella, Luthian Pimsley, Saoirse, Ellisandra Carvington,, and Scrub

After arriving in Omar the party notice they are being watched and follows this individual after killing 2 local toughs they watch as he dives through a wall. Searching the other side of the wall the party offends a local merchant by the name of Pete Manners and spend a night in jail for the crimes.

After being released from confinement Luthian finds out how to activate a portal leading to a cave overlooking the city of Malen in the Elden empire (The symbol of the Elden Empire matches the tattoo found on Oscar) a place they had not idea even existed. After much research and selling Ellisandra’s fire gems the party determines that they are in a land far to the east of the Steading. The party returns with three books Modern History, Pre History, and a map of the Elden Empire and surrounding areas.

To Keford we go

Players: Ella Luthian Pimsley Saoirse Ellisandra Carvington, Scrub

Ella is slowly coming to terms with her new view on reality and Luthian has finished the long task of documenting the last of the holdings in Garentor.

While looking through the warehouse he notice and hidden door behind which was 1 skeleton 1 life size girl in clear crystal, 1 life size soldier in opaque crysal and another soldier in barely seen in a crystal. Also 3 boxes sealed tight and resistant to any attempt to open. These and all other possesions are carted up and will be sent to Keford.

Just outside of Keford the party is attacked by a group of Murden in numbers that could kill all the travelers, but during the fight one of the crystals broke open and Ellisandra Carvington, entered the fight, easily defeating a number o fMurden while unarmed.

While recovering from the ambush a strange device is discovered that apparently summoned the Murden from the Dark Hills and one of the three boxes Luthian discovered and one of the guards Oscar Lekore were found missing. The remaining two boxes opened at Ellisandras touch revealing weapons clothing and a series of letters from her father written over 200 years ago.

Figuring that Oscar had left to the south the party searches for him Saoirse finds a trail leading off the path and the party follows, in the distance they see a Raster and his rider fly away. When the arrive they find Oscars dead body but no sign of the box.

Searching Oscars body reveals a strange tattoo, this tattoo is recognized by Scrub as a matching one was found on the body of one of the men who betrayed him. Later when reading the notes from her father Ellesandra notices a description of this mark it says it was on the men who convinced her nephew to challenge the king resulting in the downfall of the Corvingtons.

Into The Dark Hills
How Ella Got Religon

Players: Ella Luthian Pimsley

Luthian was closing the last of his families business in Garentor and buried in the warehouse found a number of books and journals. One of these journals detailed a paid expedition to the dark hills that had the name of the person found years later with a number of numenera. One of these items was responsible for Luthians current condition.

This new information identified 3 potential locations in the Dark Hills for Luthian to find out more about his past or his curse as it may be. Hiring a childhood friend Ella and 2 local explores the party set off into the Dark Hills.

After a seriese of encounters the party arrived at the first of the three locations, somehow ella made contact with something in the location and she emerged from the experience greatly changed.

Realizing that they were not equipped to continue the exploration of the Dark Hills the party returned to Garentor.

8th Month 12 Day

Night of Fire

Every year in the area arounct Garentor the Night of Fire is celebrated. This evenet occurs 20 days after the fall equinox. growing up you would stay up late and watch the streakes of light fall from the sky, to be honest it was always a bit disapointing maybe 10 or 20 streaks of light in the sky. Your grand parents told stories of walls of light, but supposedly those days like so much as faded. Supposedly last year was more impressive but it the weather was poor and you saw nothing.

However Last Night that all changed, for 3 hours the heavens bled 100’s if not 1000’s of streaks of light raced across the heavens, some small some so large the buildings around you shook with their passing.

You have heard that iron can fall from the sky if not even more amazing things rements of the past blessings of the Gods few of the steaks appeared to land to the North Deep in The Dark Hills maybe you should check them out.


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