Ebon Pillars

Scattered throughout the southern part of the steading and beyond are large 200 foot Pillars floaating in the air, these pillars all mysterisly rose from the earth and floated up about 150 feet where they continue to hover to this day, aparently made of some form of self repairing crystals they float.

Substantail effort can destroy a pillar, however even when completely removed they begin to reform and within a week new pillars have been constructed.

Within 50 miles or so of the pillars the Sky Ships can fly, these pillars extend through the edge of the Ba-Adenu Forest across The Black Riage no pillar has ever been found north within 50 miles of the Void Chasm but they are found throughout Seshar, Milave, Ancuan and southern Iscobal.

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Ebon Pillars

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