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Located on the west the Wyre River where Navarene, Draolis and Thaemore meet is. While currently part of Draolis 75 years ago it was considered part of Navarene and 300 years before that it was listed as part of the kingdom of Thaemor. The transfer of the city between Droalis and Navarene was to settle a conflict between the two powers, part of the agreement is that a Nobel families from Navarene were allowed to continued ownership of part of the village.

Day to day activity is ran by the mayor however the real power rests in the 4 major merchant families as they make all local laws and decisions, majority rules for the houses and in case of tie the Mayor casts the deciding vote.

The town has a population of about 2500 mostly focused on trade it has the shortest and safest roads from Kordech to the Wyre River and most trade traveling from the river to the north of Draolis to and from Thaemore will travel through the town. Wealth varies greatly in the town, the nobel enclaves are some of the wealthiest people in Draolis outside of the major cities, but the vast majority of people here are farmers and sailors.

Details from the Map

The Ivory Road End here
Almort Harbor the primary reason the town exists
The Lessor Ivory road 10 feet across splits off from the ivory road and runs north, it ends about 1/2 mile into the Dark Hills

South of Garentor is a series of aquaducts made out of the same material as the Ivory Road, these are currently in use for the farms to the south of the city.
The material of the ivory road lines the western bank of the Wyr River from the Northern River Gate to just south of the last aqueduct.

The Four Gates of the city, the two on land and the two in the water, are impressive structures rising 45 feet above ground level with doors that swing open and closed. However the rest of the outer wall of the city are stone walls constructed and maintained by the citizens of Garentor as are most of the buildings inside the city.

Both North and West of Garentor is The Dark Hills

Key Name Description
1 Merchants Hill Called Merchants Hill is the control area for the city, it is from here the gates are opened and closed and it is one of the few areas that open to the sewers? under the city. The sewers are made of the same material as the Ivory Road and run to the south of the city one of the few Ivory structures, this building is controlled by the Amber Pope and they hold services on the first floor, currently 12 priests are here 3 are full priests the other 9 are apprentices in the order
2 Southern Guard Road Gaurds and the Army of Draolis are stationed here between 50 and 200 guards can be found here at any time
3 Northern Guard Home of the local gaurds in charge of the security of the city, about 30 people live here
4 Merchant Hall The city is ran from here and most business discussions etc are negotiated in its halls, only merchants and those that they invite in are allowed here.
5 Mayors Home Elton Menston the current mayor lives here
6 Labors Row Two rows of strange open cubes made out of the same material as the ivory road. 5 stories tall are 10 wide 8 feet tall and 15 deep openings with 4 inch thick walls. Each floor or row has 20 cubes for a total of 400 cubes in the two structures. Most of the cubes have had closing wall and a door installed and the working poor live in them up to 36 in a cube. A few of the cubes rent out bunks cheap
7 Open Air Market Merchants set up stalls here and sell goods
8 Inn 12 Shins A nice in where the well off stay
9 Inn Imperial House For those who make enough not to stay in the cubes this is the inn for the average traveler
10 School From age 5 to 12 the children of Garentor are taught here
11 Homes The well off live here in a series of 1 or 2 story homes
a House Elindy Most recent house only purchasing the place in the last few years
b House Venton The last rements of a house from Naverene but currently exists only in Draolis
c House Trigoth The oldest house, has been here even before the land was part of Thaemor
d House Malen A subsidiary of the Malen house that is from Naverene, they control the southern two docks in the harbor
e Warhouse Elindy Private warehouse house Elindy made of ivory
f Warehouse Venton Private Warehouse house Ventorn made of ivory
g Warehouse Trigoth Private Warhouse house Trigoth made of ivory
h Warehouse Malen Private warehouse house Malen made of ivory
i Warehouse Mayor Wooden Warehouse controlled by the Mayor
j Warehouse Imperial Private Warehouse for Draolis made of ivory
k Warehouse Public 1 Stone Warehouse for rent from the town Controlled by the Merchant Houses
l Warehouse Public 2 Wooden Warehouse for rent from Draolis through the Mayor
m Public Park Open area where people may gather

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