Modern History

1000 FA Eldina declares that the followers of the betrayer are preventing the return to the ARK and active prosecution begans through most of the Kingdom.

1250 Bacelt is declared to be a land of traitors and working with Faslen, Lostring, Malecen, Nacel and Relon invade and kill the members of the royal family. The land is placed under control of the city of Eldina until it can be restored to its rightfull place.

1310 Anderman and Relon are declared heritic and invaded, once again the royal families are determined to be traitors and are executed and the lands placed under the rulership of Eldina.

1390 Faslen, Lostring, Malecen Join the Eldon Empire placing them and Anderman, Relon and Bacelt the royal families retire to live in the capital. War is declared against the southern lands Nacel, Saolin, Underan and Waclet.

1401 Waclet falls but the Eldin empire is unable to conquer Nacel Saolin, Underan.

1570 First crusade against the unbelievers fails to reclaim land,

1650 Bacelt, Lostring, Anderman and Relon regain independence this was caused by Eldon declaring it is a death sentence to worship the betrayer, however many followers are still living in all their lands this creates chaos as the new law is brutally applied and many lands declare independence.

1720 Night of blood ruling families of Bacelt Lostring and Relon are killed and in the choas the Eldon Empire regains control of their lands.

1800 the 2nd crusade is launched and fails to while adding land fails to reclaim any of the escaped kindoms.

1900 The Eldon Empire has control of 5 of the Kingdoms Soalin proves to be the core of the resistance as it can only be reached through a series of mountian passes which are well defended

1980 Eldon finally takes control of the far Southern land of Saolin while conquared the people of Saolin are still resisting the Eldon empire in all that they do.

1995 Declares the 3rd crusade against Nacel Underan. Anderman the last 3 free kingdoms

Modern History

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