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This history differs from the core book of Numenera.

1500 pre FA (Founding of the Amber Pope) Arrival of the Gallians

The Gallians the first humans the Augur (assuming you can trust them) recall seeing arrived a Barbaric people, despising all numenera and knowledge, no writing no reading understanding the world is death one must only live. What they lacked in skill only using wood and stone as weapons they made up for in brutality destroying all in their path.

750 pre FA Founding of the First Empire

Legends claim that a man named Pytharon founded the first kingdom and restarted civilization. For many this is the date the 9th world was born. This is also known as year 0 Imperial years a system of counting that is still used in The Pytharon Empire. Unlike the traditional calendar of 10 months, this one counts orbits of the moon and combines the left over days into the Imperial Festival during Mid Winter.

500 pre FA Creation of the Aeon Priest hood, return of knowledge
Oral history has the first Aeon Priest in the area of the steadfast

400 pre FA
Humans start writing again earliest written records, tax information from the The Pytharon Empire at this time it was about the size it currently is. Aeon priests start to also translate many of the ancient tongues in the land.

200 pre FA
End of the first age of expansion Navarene and Draolis and Thaemor are in the north, the Empire Controls all lands south of the Wyr River and River Sepum

0 FA Founding of the first Amber Pope
High Father Claval becomes the first Amber Pope, at this time an order of science and order of reason the core tenants of the faith are founded.

200 Contact
The first reported contact of an Augur they claim to have watched since the arrival of the Gallians which is possible as an Augur is really not that different from most humans in appearance especially if you do not know what to look for.

223 Faith of Man
The Amber Pope sees the chaos and realizes that guidance’s is needed; it was here the church started acting like a religion to control the masses and stop the wars they saw breaking out. The Brotherhood of Aeon left the church, in the next 20 years they were driven out of the steadfast into the beyond. Most isolated Aeon priests in the beyond are descendants/students of this group.

400 Church Triumphant
The Amber Pope becomes the strongest force in the Steadfast all countries claim to be followers and about 60% of the steading follow the faith.

500 Revelations of Light, the Blessed Engine of Creation
The Amber Pope is declared to be Devine, the manifestation of intellect and thought made into a man, at this time it is only a segment of the church claiming this but the Amber Pope does not contradict anything this group says.

800 Fall of the empire
Milave breaks free from the empire over the next 700 years the empire falls at times it retook up to 1/2 of Milave but each failure left it weaker and weaker.

1500 FA Schism of Truth
23 ranking Aeon Priests declare the Pope is not Devine 40 that he is. On this day the skies open up 23 bolts of light strike and 40 priests announce that Arenton Belose is the Devine force of intellect and the Church becomes a religion. Some Aeon priests form the Order of Thought and supposedly this group does not accept the Divinity of the Pope, but they have never spoken out against it, and they have been allowed to stay in the church.

The empire is composed of scattered city states in Pytharon each claiming to be the rightful ruler of the lands.

1878 Day of the Pillars
In 1878 the Ebon Pillars rose from the earth throughout the south and the age of Sky Ships was born.

1988 2nd Gallians horde arrives in numbers not seen in recorded history.

1998 FA Current Day
2748 By the Imperial Calendar

And the adventure begins Night of Fire

Return to the World

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