Pre History

Estimated Dates Converted into Steading terms.

before 3000 pre FA Humanity Lived in the The Ark of Eldona a pure place free of strife and thought. Tending the machines and the machines tended humanity. Ruled the land was Eldina, but all things sleep.

2990 pre FA While Eldina slept the mutant the corrupted Galden was born and revolted his touch brought the curse, those he touched lost the connection to Eldona and boredom was brought to humanity. Eldina was not alone circled by another who was always jealous of her perfection. Seeing a chance she joined with Galden and taut her how to damage Eldona. This destroyed the purity of the Ark and the Ark could no longer produce food and air and Humanity began to die, Eldina cursed all them for this act and cast them out from the ark and sent them down to earth to live or die on their own. 10 Warlords rose from the mass of humanity and fought the betrayers of Eldona.

2885 Galden turned on her declared that she and her followers were as corrupted by desire as any of the followers of Eldina, this civil way allowed for the 10 Warlords to join with the betrayer.

2785 pre FA After a hundred years of war between the survivors the followers of Galden were driven from the land the priests of Eldina and the betrayer. The 10 warlords then turned on themselves and began to fight about who was the rightful ruler of humanity. The priests of Eldina declared that this fighting was wrong and that each of the warlords would travel to new lands around the city and create their own land. While the children of the betrayer were important in the eventual defeat of the Galden their betrayal would not be forgotten they were declared serfs of the land and that they could not hold office or live in the 9 great cities so long as they followed the ways of the betrayer. Only the Warlords Salen and Bacen declared this as too harsh and refused to treat the followers of the betrayer as anything else then full members of their lands.

The 10 warlords then created the 10 great kingdoms


And in the center of the lands the great city of Eldronista a place of humanity for those who never forgave those who cast us from paradise. Only those sworn to the Eldina would be allowed in this city and the priests would dedicated themselves to repairing the great ARK.

Pre History

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