The Dark Hills

This area is filled with scattered ruins but only the bravest dare enter them. The Dark Hills run along a 1/3 of the southern boundary of Navarene from the The Sea Kingdom of Ghan across the northern border of Draolis to well into the North West corner of Thaemor while each kingdom clams a part of them on a map, no kingdom controls them. The Dark Hills run nearly 400 miles east to west and between 50 and 100 miles north to south. The center of the hills around 6000 feet with areas as high as 10,000 feet above sea level making them less than 1/2 the hight of the The Black Riage and less than 1/3 of the height of The Clock of Kala

Draolis and Navarene have large patrols along the edges of the Dark Hills, but they spend more time dealing with what tries to leave them then for any other reason. The only save place to cross them is along the Wyr River, but even here merchants will not stop along the banks. From Granten to Garentor they travel, but only most desperate or foolhardy stop anyplace in between.

Rumors of smuggler routes across the hills exist, and some people do make it through but it is very risky.

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The Dark Hills

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