I want to welcome everyone into the story, our exploration of the new Numenera game and world (mine as much as yours).

No restrictions on character generation except for what is in the book. This means that each character focus (one of the character generations choices) needs to approved by me as each one can only occur once in the party.

The goal of Numenera is that game balance is not as important a concept as in most other games. The game is about exploring and thinking not about combat and character sheets think more Journey to the Center of the Earth or the Sword of Shanarra as opposed World or Warcraft or traditional D&D. No matter how you build your character or even the party the world is tougher than you are and you will not be able to solve every problem with physical force.

About the game

It is character focused

I want to hear about your characters, this will go a long way in defining what type of game we are playing, your characters motivations and goals are far more important to the game than your class? Jack, Nano or Glaive (We have over a month before our first game to work this out and its fine if we don’t settle on this until after we have played). Are you noble, merchant or peasant? What area do you call home? How to you feel about your native land? How do you see the world, in terms of science, magic or divinity? What does your character want to accomplish, what do you want to be when you grow up?

A collaborative game

I expect the party to work together, I will not be approving characters for play that will work directly against other players or will be starting the game planning other player’s deaths. Not that you cannot have conflicting goals but the focus of the game is the party Vs the environment and not pvp to steal some mmo terms. Also I enjoy running the good guys more than the bad guys, so when making your characters please keep this in mind, this doesn’t mean play a Paladin, Han Solo and the Punisher are more than fine.

How time will be focused on during the game:

50% on personal goals for each character
50% on party goals
25% on random world events
50% on Marks Big Story

And yes I know this adds up to well over 100% :). But just like I will often expect the party to accomplish more than one thing at the same time, I am hoping to do the same thing with my storytelling and at times a single event will accomplish many different tasks. I am leaving most of the story telling/directions up to the party and the more you can help me with it the better the story I will be able to create with everyone playing the game.

Failure is as important as success

Sometimes the party will fail. I may have set a task beyond what the party could do, or maybe the party did things in a way that I do not believe should work out. The game is about story not about accomplishing every check box in a quest string, while I do not believe it will be a Game of Thrones level of tragedy expect that sometimes defeat will be grasped from the jaws of victory and that the story we are telling is the story of the character/party/world and not of simply of the adventure.

How Can I Help

Feel free to reach out to me on this list, in person, on the phone etc. for any questions you may have about the game and world, also feel free to ignore all this stuff and just show up and play, I believe the more we do together the better than game, but we also are all living busy lives.

Thanks again for playing and devoting time to this game, and I am here to answer questions and work out history for you and your characters.

The Story

The party is making the transition from the Normal to the Extraordinary, when it comes to the Extraordinary dealing with Numenera exploring strange places you ideally should have very limited experience.

However when it comes to the normal it’s up to you. Characters can be grizzled war veterans from the crusades to the north, someone on their 2nd career trying to make do after the inn they and their family ran for 30 years burned down to someone new in the world, a 17 year old noble trying to prove his worth to his family, an escaped slave, a failed Aeon Priest, a 1/2 human have machine with no memories before last month when they were pulled out of the local lake in a fishing net.

Like so much about Numenera the question shouldn’t be does this make sense or is this balanced for the party but does it make for a good story. So long as you are willing to work with me and the other players at game time to justify why your character is involved in the story/party your past is up to you.

Each character should have the Moment as I call it. This moment defines why you are an adventure, why you are not living the life most people in the Steading are. This moment can be as simple as I want to be famous, to be a knight; to I burnt my liege lord’s house down and needed to leave before my execution to as complex as you can make it.

I see the party along the lines of the Belgariad by Eddings if that helps. Everyone in the party is special in their own way but at the beginning they were Wizard, child, thief and nobles, have fun creating the background of your character and don’t worry about going too far, if it works make an 80 year old expert on Numenera or the peasant boy who is dragged along with no idea of why.

We don’t know where your story will end, but let’s go big on where it starts and what your potential is. I am fine with the PC being anything from a Prince of the realm to a beggar boy, from a captain of the guard to a shanghaied peasant boy from distant islands escaping from servitude in the Red Fleet.

To leave where I started when thinking of your character, who you, what you want to accomplish, what story you wish to tell…


Crystal Tears of the Fractured Moon

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