Crystal Tears of the Fractured Moon

10 Days of Changes in QI

Since the last game about 10 days have passed, during this time the party heals up and prepares for their exit from the great city of QI. At first

House Trenna seems very wiling to host your party but that soon changes and 10 days latter they smuggle you out to the city of Mulen in Iscobal.

This change of events may have to deal with the events occurring in the last 10 days.

Day 1, The Old Canals are flowing with water, supposedly it has been 250 years since last this has happened. Rumors start about the farmland and wealth that may occur in the Abandoned farms outside of QI.

Day 2, The farms appear even more fertile than thought possible as life appears to be growing in the old farm, looking like it was planted weeks ago. Rumors start about murders to claim rights to plots of land that suddenly have water.

Day 3 Plants continue to grow looking months old in areas, Rumors continue of murders to claim land, and armed groups going in and claiming areas killing all who oppose them.

Day 4 Counts start coming in from with 10’s if not 100’s of deaths being reported, The Draolis sends soldiers in to the area to try and restore order, they are quickly outmatched by the bandits, the Amber Pope sends troops in and invoking old treaties about the land around QI, claims all the land for the church. Some estimate that 250 people have died in the fighting for land and the Order of Truth claims the old Monastery on top of the hill.

Day 5: The Order of Truth starts hiring people to do harvests and they are tracking down the old owners of land around the monasteries and buying the land, the price while perhaps low is far more money than any of the older owners ever expected to own.

Day 6: Rumors start about a buzzing a drone that only members of the of the Order of Truth can hear. Crops stop growing fast, it appears that they are about 2 weeks from harvest.

Day 7: For the first time in memory a strong wind blows through Key, 100s are hurt as sky crafts and balloons bounce in the wind amazingly no deaths are reported. Those watching notice the barrier around the city seems to disappear for 5 minutes. When it reappears a 2nd dome is noticed around the monastery allowing the air ships to travel across both areas. Rumors are that no member of the Order of Truth can enter the monastery and only a few of the local farmers can enter the building.

Day 8, Stories star of engraving/encriptions appear on each of the four walls of the Monastery. Through the use of Numera the carvings are translated as follows.

1) Aid the poor, the oppressed, and all those in despair and need.

2) The Goddess is and always shall be: other gods may rise and fall, but they can never threaten or erase her being. Long is her gaze, and patience is her grace. Though the way be barred now, yet shall it be opened.

3) Let the glory be known! Everything that is comes from her-embrace and exalt her works and her gifts.

4) Be humble, yet be proud. We are all part of the goddess, so while we are nothing on our own, through her we are all powerful.

Day 9: The party finds themselves completely cut off from any news and they are not allowed to leave or talk to anyone. News travels down that things are tense in the city and it is time to leave however some of your descriptions have started to circulate in QI. It would be best if no one knows you were here or ever left, we are going to smuggle you out on one of our boats.

Day 10: The party finds themselves loaded into the back of wagons filled with merchandise and supplies these are placed on boats and the party spends most of a day in the holds of the ship this is a very short trip and the party finds themselves in Mulen.



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