Crystal Tears of the Fractured Moon

A short trip to Omar

A short Trip that ended up much longer... MUCH LONGER

Players: Ella, Luthian Pimsley, and Ellisandra Carvington,

After arriving in Keford house Trenna is very interested in what the Luthian has to say and is wondering how to profit with Ellisandra and what her arrival may mean.

While trying to sort this out Ella has a vision of traveling to Omar with 2 companions. To stall for time err help out House Trenna will pay for the trip in return for a chance to look at the letters that Ellisandra received from her father. While this is going on Ella is jumped by the locals and finds out a bounty has been placed on Ella, Luthian Pimsley, Saoirse, Ellisandra Carvington,, and Scrub

After arriving in Omar the party notice they are being watched and follows this individual after killing 2 local toughs they watch as he dives through a wall. Searching the other side of the wall the party offends a local merchant by the name of Pete Manners and spend a night in jail for the crimes.

After being released from confinement Luthian finds out how to activate a portal leading to a cave overlooking the city of Malen in the Elden empire (The symbol of the Elden Empire matches the tattoo found on Oscar) a place they had not idea even existed. After much research and selling Ellisandra’s fire gems the party determines that they are in a land far to the east of the Steading. The party returns with three books Modern History, Pre History, and a map of the Elden Empire and surrounding areas.



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