Crystal Tears of the Fractured Moon

Into The Dark Hills

How Ella Got Religon

Players: Ella Luthian Pimsley

Luthian was closing the last of his families business in Garentor and buried in the warehouse found a number of books and journals. One of these journals detailed a paid expedition to the dark hills that had the name of the person found years later with a number of numenera. One of these items was responsible for Luthians current condition.

This new information identified 3 potential locations in the Dark Hills for Luthian to find out more about his past or his curse as it may be. Hiring a childhood friend Ella and 2 local explores the party set off into the Dark Hills.

After a seriese of encounters the party arrived at the first of the three locations, somehow ella made contact with something in the location and she emerged from the experience greatly changed.

Realizing that they were not equipped to continue the exploration of the Dark Hills the party returned to Garentor.



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