Crystal Tears of the Fractured Moon

Journey to Ramon part 1

A flicker of light and jail cell

Players: Ella Luthian Pimsley Saoirse Ellisandra Carvington Scrub

After arriving in Dynafel, the party met back up with Scrub who slowly revealed to the group the message he received in Mulen implicating him in actions against the King and stating he was wanted dead by all sides of the conflict.

Ella took off looking for the Reliquary of Dreams that the followers of The Amber Pope were collecting in the city. Along the way, she became fascinated with the workshop/home of George the jeweler and grouchy but respected craftsman of the city. After he refused to let her into the shop, she went around back and climbed up to peer into the room. George, seeing her, started screaming thief. Hoping to distract him she hit him with Onslaught, nearly killing the jeweler. His screams, and the fact he is known to have many shins of jewelry in his shop, brought out the local Constabulary. Scrub and Ella however were able to convince them that they were not the people that George was calling a thief.

Luthian was informed that Jansen Milton, the factor for House Travan, was killed in Ramon, the capital of The Pytharon Empire. The house asked him to look into this and determine if his family still lived and if so, to arrange for them to leave the Empire. Furthermore, rumors that the Pytharon Empire was about to invade Milave began to spread.

Ella returned to George the jeweler’s shop and continued to knock on the door, once again getting the constable’s attention and with George accusing her on the spot, was arrested and taken to the local jail. The party was told of this by Scrub and eventually decide pay for Ella’s fines and get her out of jail after allowing her to spend the night in prison.

After buying supplies, the party left south on the road to Ramon, the most northern sky ship part. They ran into the Road Guard of the Pytharon Empire about 3 days’ ride into Iscobal. They also took a quick break from the rigors of their journey and enjoyed a 3 hour tour on Bob’s Airships.

Ellisandra Carvington taking the name Lady Bronte, charters from House Banner transportation to Ramon, getting 2 rooms – one for her ladyship and another for her 4 servants who will accompany her on the trip.

Saoirse and Luthian had a heated discussion about the book that she had found in the home of Alphgon Petron, particularly concerning the symbols on the front cover. It would appear that there are secrets on both sides of the tense friendship.



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