Crystal Tears of the Fractured Moon

8th Month 12 Day


Night of Fire

Every year in the area arounct Garentor the Night of Fire is celebrated. This evenet occurs 20 days after the fall equinox. growing up you would stay up late and watch the streakes of light fall from the sky, to be honest it was always a bit disapointing maybe 10 or 20 streaks of light in the sky. Your grand parents told stories of walls of light, but supposedly those days like so much as faded. Supposedly last year was more impressive but it the weather was poor and you saw nothing.

However Last Night that all changed, for 3 hours the heavens bled 100’s if not 1000’s of streaks of light raced across the heavens, some small some so large the buildings around you shook with their passing.

You have heard that iron can fall from the sky if not even more amazing things rements of the past blessings of the Gods few of the steaks appeared to land to the North Deep in The Dark Hills maybe you should check them out.



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