Crystal Tears of the Fractured Moon

To Keford we go


Players: Ella Luthian Pimsley Saoirse Ellisandra Carvington, Scrub

Ella is slowly coming to terms with her new view on reality and Luthian has finished the long task of documenting the last of the holdings in Garentor.

While looking through the warehouse he notice and hidden door behind which was 1 skeleton 1 life size girl in clear crystal, 1 life size soldier in opaque crysal and another soldier in barely seen in a crystal. Also 3 boxes sealed tight and resistant to any attempt to open. These and all other possesions are carted up and will be sent to Keford.

Just outside of Keford the party is attacked by a group of Murden in numbers that could kill all the travelers, but during the fight one of the crystals broke open and Ellisandra Carvington, entered the fight, easily defeating a number o fMurden while unarmed.

While recovering from the ambush a strange device is discovered that apparently summoned the Murden from the Dark Hills and one of the three boxes Luthian discovered and one of the guards Oscar Lekore were found missing. The remaining two boxes opened at Ellisandras touch revealing weapons clothing and a series of letters from her father written over 200 years ago.

Figuring that Oscar had left to the south the party searches for him Saoirse finds a trail leading off the path and the party follows, in the distance they see a Raster and his rider fly away. When the arrive they find Oscars dead body but no sign of the box.

Searching Oscars body reveals a strange tattoo, this tattoo is recognized by Scrub as a matching one was found on the body of one of the men who betrayed him. Later when reading the notes from her father Ellesandra notices a description of this mark it says it was on the men who convinced her nephew to challenge the king resulting in the downfall of the Corvingtons.



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